Space Planning and Management

News update: A new way to request space or facility project needs

The way you request facility or space needs has changed!
The Facilities and Space Planning & Management teams have created a new process to help the community.
There are no longer separate forms for requesting construction projects or requesting changes to assigned space data – the Project Initiation Worksheet (aka PIW) and the Space Request Form are now combined.
Effective October 1, all requests for changes to space – be it requesting new space, modifying currently assigned spaces through construction, or requesting changes to assigned spaces and classifications – will be submitted via the new Space and/or Project Request Form.
Space Planning & Management will review each submission and work closely with Facilities and UNT community members to address our campus needs. Please note, the current web form is Drupal-based, which has style limitations, but will be transferred to new technology soon.
This new process will streamline activities and eliminate the need for separate forms to engage the Facilities or Space Planning & Management teams. It will also facilitate a holistic approach to managing investments in our campus facilities that align with the institution’s goals and mission.
Space or project requests may be submitted at any time; however, there will also be new deadlines for review of “large projects” (over $100,000 in cost). For FY22, the submission deadline is Oct. 1 to Nov. 1, 2021. In subsequent years, we will have submission deadlines twice a year. Large projects will be reviewed during these specific times to ensure they align with the strategic direction of the university and are fiscally responsible investments. There is space within the form to describe your project in case you have an emergency that needs to be addressed quickly.
Please keep in mind that basic repairs done by the Facilities service team still follow the same process. Your team can fill out a service request online or call 940-565-2700.


Space Planning and Management will contribute to the educational, research, and public service goals of the University by providing comprehensive strategic planning and administration of space assignments and policies.


Space Planning and Management is responsible for managing one of the University's most limited resources – space. The management of space includes planning, tracking, assignment, auditing, analyses, and reporting of current and future needs based on the strategic and research goals of the institution while maintaining proper alignment with the Master Plan. Space Planning and Management is the central governing office of all space on campus.

Strategic Goals

  • To more fully and effectively utilize all University space.
  • To align space assignments to better meet the needs of the University's strategic and research goals. 
  • To co-locate academic units to achieve intellectual synergies and collaboration.
  • To move those units which are dispersed across campus to contiguous spaces.
  • To keep academic programs and functions on the core of campus.
  • To move non-academic units and functions to the periphery of campus.

Core Values

Excellence Integrity Collaboration Leadership
Professional Accountable Communication Innovation
Committed Dependable Coordination Guidance
Comprehensive Honest Teamwork Achievement

Andrew Bolling

Director of Space Planning and Management

Areas of Responsibility:

  • University Space Allocations and Reallocations
  • Building Renovations and New Construction
  • Space Policy Management

Photo of Andrew Bolling

Cheryl Benningfield

Space Planning Manager

Areas of Responsibility:

  • FM:Interact Space Management System Administrator and development project management.
  • THECB, state and federal reporting.
  • Management of the university space inventory.
 Cheryl Benningfield

Alaina Poethke

Senior Data Analyst

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Disseminates data related to research grants, funding, and principal investigators as they relate to space.
  • Participates in the planning, coordination, and execution of the annual campus Space Inventory Survey.
  • Conducts regular audits of buildings and departments to verify space inventory data integrity and accuracy.


 Photo of Alaina Poethke



Data Analyst

Areas of Responsibility:                                                                       

  • Data Compilation
  • Maintenance and updates for the space management system.
  • Research, verification and analyses of space inventory data.